AJH Synth - Wave Swarm

The AJH Synth Wave Swarm module is a fully analog two-channel waveform animator. The module uses simple waveforms such as triangle or sawtooth, to generate powerful unison sounds. Each channel simulates up to six VCO's beating in unison with a different beat frequency. The fixed beat frequencies are generated by twelve onboard LFO's, and the front panel knobs control the level of each of the twelve animators.

In this video, we show how to create swirling stereo effects by using both channels (panned to left and right).

Analogue Systems - RS-110 Multimode Filter

The Analogue Systems RS-110 is a resonant analog multimode filter with excellent sound, resonance and four simultaneously available filter types.
An insert function in the feedback loop (Res In/Res Out) allows you to insert other audio processors or to feed back a filter output in the Res In which changes the  behaviour of the filter. Generally it is fun to cross-connect the separate outputs with the CV and audio inputs and to use the filter in a modular way.

In this video, we demonstrate all filter outputs and different feedback patches to change the sound characteristic of the filter.

Humble Audio - Quad Operator

Humble Audio's Quad Operator is comprised of four Operators for Linear FM Synthesis.

It allows any FM algorithm thanks to its modulation matrix. The One Knob Per Function design makes it very easy to use. The frequency, shape and gain of each operator can be voltage controlled independently.

Furthermore the Algo expander module enables to save snapshots of the parameters and to morph between the stored values (A,B or C) and the current panel state (Live).

In this video we explore the sound spectrum of the Quad Operator with various modulations.

Flame - Automix

The Flame Automix module is a compact three-channel mixer with recording function.

It allows to automate the mix level of each channel using its volume knob. Just hit the record button and move the potentiometer to record an automation!

In this video, we use a drum loop coming from an external drum machine. The Verbos Noise & Filter module splits the signal in four different frequency ranges. Two of them (the high frequencies) are mixed together with a synth voice using the Vermona ∑42. The resulting signal and the mid and low frequencies from the Noise & Filter module are then mixed and automated thanks to the Flame Automix.

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