SB21: Haken Audio - Eagan Matrix in Eurorack

Gaz has a long chat with Ed Eagan from Haken Audio who's Eagan Matrix sound engine is the core behind the Continuum Fingerboards as well as being now inside the the Expressive É Osmose. Now the Eagan Matrix has been released in Eurorack format. The Eagan Eurorack is an 8 voice DSP/Digital module with plenty of CV control input to access the programable macros, as is common to all the Eagan Matrix implementations. The patch editor runs on the computer software with the patches being compatible across all Eagan Matrix implementations.

SB21: TouellSkouarn - Blokañ Tube Ringmod

TouellSkouarn is a french modular manufacturer based in Brittany and names his products in the Bretan language. The Blokañ is a tube based ring mod with an analog VCO capable of some pretty extreme audio FX. With a modulation inputs for the VCO pitch as well as a dedicated output for the VCO. This was a prototype so no news on availability or price just yet.

SB21: La Voix Du Luthier

The Voix Du Luthier resonators are interesting amplification devices. Based on technology originally designed for the Ondes Martenot, they use wooden resonators and soundboards rather than actual speakers. They have developed some new models that offer a wider ferquency range, plus now available in black!

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