This Was SUPERBOOTH21 - a Look Back From the Organizers & Plans for next year

The following is a press releas from the organizers of SUPERBOOTH.

Berlin, October 2021

We all had to wait a long time for SUPERBOOTH21, now the event is over and it was a complete success. The circumstances that forced the organizers to completely rethink have made this year‘s SUPERBOOTH21 better. The exhibitors have used the last months to develop many exciting novelties. The spacious area, the airier rooms and the resulting much more relaxed atmosphere, gave the exhibitors and visitors more opportunity to engage in conversation and to test and experience the exhibited instruments in a meaningful way.

Many participants reported that the quality of the discussions among each other was once again better than in previous years. This was made possible by the 126 exhibitors present this year, whom the organizers would like to thank once again. Another important element in this year‘s concept was the cooperation with the Miller-Zillmer Foundation, to whom the organizers would also like to express their sincere thanks. The Miller-Zillmer Foundation made it possible to bring the wonderful artists Yann Tiersen, hackedepicciotto, JakoJako, Pole and the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble to the stage.

Andre Kaufmann: „Our little adventure trip is over for this year - 4 days with quite a few moments of joy, passion and excitement. We hope everyone had a great time meeting colleagues, friends and making many new contacts. It was a very memorable event, maybe the special circumstances made us even more connected.“


The start was perhaps a bit bumpy, with decent rain from Wednesday afternoon, but this was compensated for in the following days by the mild late summer with some sunshine hours and pleasant temperatures. The bungalow village had a wonderful homely atmosphere, in the evenings the Tresorbühne spread festival and club feeling and the famous Japanese pancakes and vegan gyros were again the right basis for long days and short nights.

The success of the newly designed event prompted Andreas Schneider to announce in his closing words after the last concert on the seaside stage on Saturday evening that he intends to keep this concept for SUPERBOOTH22. So you can look forward to another Superbooth that manages to be exciting and relaxed at the same time. One of the best news remains with regards to the first September edition of Superbooth that SUPERBOOTH22 is only 8 months away!

The preparations for SUPERBOOTH22 are already about to begin. The next edition of Superbooth will then take place at FEZ-Berlin from May 12-14, 2022, this time in conjunction with sooperGRAIL, which is dedicated to the art of guitar building.

For the perfect review of concerts and interviews with guests like Jean-Michel Jarre and T.Raumschmiere, talk concerts with Metasonix, Modor, UDO Audio, Joranalogue, Erica Synths, Meng-Qi and many more, there are plenty of videos on the official Superbooth Vimeo and YouTube accounts, as well as on the Superbooth homepage.

EaganMatrix Colour Delay

This video shows audio processing with Haken Audio's EaganMatrix Module. The video uses a single EaganMatrix sound-processing preset called “Colour Delay”. All timbre variations are a result of the Eurorack world interacting with this one “Colour Delay” preset.

The video uses a mBiraski kalimba (with pickup) as sound source. Within the EaganMatrix’s “Colour Delay” preset, the mBiraski audio source is captured, looped, sonically altered both destructively and non-destructively, and converted to stereo space through the application of morphable convolution body responses. The EaganMatrix module is the only module on the audio path between mBiraski and speakers.

The “Colour Delay” preset uses the EaganMatrix Module’s i, ii, iii, and iv CV inputs for Eurorack control of Time Offset, Tonal Colour, Delay Time, and Delay Feedback. All external timbre control is through these CV inputs from third party sources, documented in the signal flow diagram on the left of the video.

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