AJH PRECISION VOLTAGES - Reach the lowest notes with your controller

Ever been frustrated that your CV controller keyboard, sequencer or MIDI to CV converter doesn't reach the lowest notes that your VCO or other oscillators can produce ?

The PRECISION VOLTAGES module by AJH SYNTH can fix this problem. Using it to shift the CV output of your device up or down by up to 10 octaves (and 12 semitones) means that you can reach a huge range of the pitches that your synth can produce, even into the LFO range. Many controllers won't output negative CV signals, meaning they'll only go so low and then stop producing more notes, so you may find yourself pressing the lowest keys but still only getting the same pitch. This isn't a fault with the controller, but a considered compromise, depending on the design and intended functionality of the device. However, when paired with the Precision Voltages this is no longer an issue. In the future a full 'User Guide' video for the Precision Voltages will demonstrate the many uses and functions this extremely flexible module can provide.

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