AJH Synth - Entropic Doom

The AJH Synth Entropic Doom is a voltage controlled noise based oscillator, or "noisillator".

It allows for a wide range of tuned noise sounds, with ring modulation and a logic-based VCA. The noise is in a feedback loop with a band-pass filter (resonator) and a low-pass filter with 2, 3, or 4-pole modes. The module also features an audio input and two outputs: bright and dark.

In the first part of this video we use the Entropic Doom to generate filtered noise and distort an external input signal. In the second part, the module serves as a sound source for hi-hats.

Vermona - meloDICER

The MeloDICER is Vermona‘s vision of a sequencer with the perfect balance between stochastic and deterministic creation of rhythm and melody. Its algorithms generate random values that magically turn into musical events.

The melody sequencer offers twelve faders for setting the note probability (from C to B), and two faders to set the range (lowest and highest note). The rhythm is controlled by the four knobs. The two DICE buttons allow to randomly change the melody and the rhythmic structure on each press.

In this video we show the basic functions of the sequencer in DICE mode. It controls the Doepfer A-111-3 Micro Precision VCO paired with the A-106-5 SEM Filter.

Supercritical Synthesizers - Neutron Flux Filter

At this years Superbooth Home Edition the guys from Supercritical Synthesizers presented the new Neutron Flux Filter, an innovative stereo filter.

The Neutron Flux Filter is an analog, stereo, digitally controlled filter. It does not model but is can be adjusted to have the character of various vintage filters. In the future it will have user banks in which some more exotic filter responses can be uploaded to via audio files. The unit has a stereo in stereo out and or you can connect them in series and have a mono 8 pole filter.

AJH Synth - V-Shape

The AJH Synth V-Shape is two modules in one, a wave twister and a distortion / wavefolding module. Both sections of the module are fully analog, and they can be used independently or in series.

In this video, we use it in conjunction with the Doepfer A-138i Interrupting Mixer to create various combinations between the original sound and the two outputs of the V-Shape module.

The Doepfer A-138i allows several mixing configurations thanks to single outputs A and B which remove the individual signal from the sum (A) or keep it in the sum (B). In addition, the dual mix output allows easy sending to two VCAs for stereo use.

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