Eowave - Magnetosphère

The Eowave Magnetosphère is a discrete 4-Pole transistor-based Low Pass filter.

Its rather unique warm sound is heavily dependent on input gain and can go from clean and gentle through various stages of saturation into distortion, with the audio input and the cutoff frequency interacting heavily. It can self-oscillate with a clear sine wave.

In this video, we use it to filter chords in the first example, showing its saturation capability and the characteristic of the resonance. Afterwards we demonstrate filter sweeps with a sawtooth wave, and filter pings.

Flame MÄANDER firmware update V2

The Flame MÄANDER provides an analog 12 channel band pass filter bank, which are controllable by an internal pattern sequencer. Sound sources can be the internal polyphonic wavetable oscillator, the analog white noise channel and an external audio input source.

There are one polyphonic note track (up to 4 voice chords) and 14 mono tracks for the audio input, the white noise source and for each filter channel. Each channel include a VCA with individual envelope control. All tracks are accessible via MIDI notes.

Create your own patterns, save them in the internal pattern sequencer as a PATCH and play them on the fly. With the internal arpeggiator and the keyboard scaler function you can jam very well live. Software updates, loading of wavetables and saving/loading of patches can be easily realized via MIDI sysex dump.

The firmware update is available here.

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