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Analogue Systems RS-650 Echo / Reverb

The Analogue Systems RS-650 is a combination of the RS-310 and RS-440. It offers both delay (echo) and reverb settings in one module.

It is based on a bucket brigade device (BBD) with six parallel delay taps. Those six delay times have no relationship to each other and their outputs have different levels. You have to consider the reverb effect as a mixture of six different short delays what results in a dense sound. The clock frequency which scans the bucket brigade is audible and you´ll have to use a low pass filter in order to eliminate or minimize it.

In Reverb mode the delay time can be set between 2.5ms and 150ms and in Echo mode it spans from 75ms to 200ms.

In this video we explore both echo and reverb settings with synth and drum sounds. We also show the possibility to create sound without any input signal by pinging the module.

Stereo processing with ACL VC Panning Amplifier and M/S Matrix

In this video we explore the possibilities of stereo and Mid/Side processing using the ACL VC Panning Amplifier and the M/S Matrix. For filter duties we use two AJH Synth Sonic XV Filters.

The ACL VC Panning Amplifier is specially designed to process audio signals, dynamically positioning them in a stereo field. The gain balance between both VCAs and hence the panorama position of a stereo signal is manually and voltage controllable. The common gain of the two channels is also manually adjustable with a single pot. The module also allows very musical harmonic distortion by pushing the gain to overload the circuit.

The ACL M/S Matrix module is able to deconstruct a conventional stereo signal in Mid and Side signals or, the other way round, converting an M/S stereo signal into L/R stereo.

New Doepfer 3D Joystick

The new Doepfer 3D Joystick A-174-4 is out now!

It features a special joystick with a pushbutton and 3 axis: X, Y and Z! 

The module outputs three control voltages generated by a spring-loaded X/Y cross potentiometer (so-called joy stick) and a Gate signal. The control voltages for X and Y are controlled by the X and Y position of the joystick in the usual way. The third control voltage Z is controlled by the rotation of the spring-loaded joystick knob. The Gate signal is generated by a button at the center/top of the joystick knob. Cockpit² Cockpit, the well known 4-channel stereo mixer with side-chain ducking received a major update.

As Apple decided to get rid of TRRS jacks in their mobile devices a while ago and most music app users run iOS with third party audio interfaces (without TRRS) we decided to follow the trend and replace the TRRS jacks with simple stereo inputs. Thus send/return through TRRS cables is not possible anymore. 

Further improvements were done in that process and we’re happy to introduce the module as the Cockpit² for a lower price.

Also available in black

Eowave Quadrantid Swarm & Queen Of Pentacles

The Quadrantid Swarm module from Eowave is a versatile and unique synth voice for sound designers and musicians looking to explore exquisite and unfamiliar timbres that range from subtle to outrageous, nebulous to shimmering. It features a digital synthesizer voice with a percussive element, an analog 2-pole filter, an LFO with eight waveforms, and a spring reverb. The eight touch keys can be used as a mono keyboard, polyphonic keyboard or an eight step sequencer.

The Queen of Pentacles from is a complex drum/percussive synthesizer module. It covers the range of Dance/EDM/Techno music styles and is inspired by the famous TR-909. There are seven sounds in the drum kit. Three drums are analogue: bass drum, snare drum and clap. The other four drums are sample-based. Just .wav files playback directly from a microSD card with additional volume envelope, decay and pitch control. Those are simple modifiers but help you to shape the sounds played as one-shots.

In this video we show the sound and features of each module, and also use both together.

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