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In this video, we show the overall sound and playability of some of Analogue Systems most recent and most successful modules, including the ones reminiscent of the EMS Synthi.

Every patch is based on one or two RS-95 modules as sound generators. The RS-95 is a premium, British sounding VCO with waveshaping possibilities. In some examples we use the second VCO to modulate the Shape CV Input of the first oscillator. By attenuating this signal using the built-in VCA of the Synthishaper it is possible to precisely control the waveshape of the oscillator without changing its pitch.

At the beginning of the video we use a combination of the RS-500 Synthifilter and RS-510 Synthishaper with the manual trigger button, and VCA functionality. This legendary filter can be switched between pre 1974 and post 1974 filter type and response. Both modules are officially licensed from EMS.

Some patches also use the RS-60 Envelope with its looping function which turns the envelope into an LFO with gating functions. We also integrate the RS-100 Low pass filter. This is a very good sounding -24dB/octave Moog filter, based on the classic Moog cascade with selected, low-noise transistors.

Finally, we add the upcoming RS-650 Echo Reverb and the new RS-610 Dual Ring Mod to the rack to give you a first impression of these upcoming modules.

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