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Superbooth21 - News

Dear visitors and interested people,

There are only three weeks left until the start of SuperBooth21. Even if it may seem unreal to some of you after more than 2 years without SuperBooth (or other events of this kind): We are doing it!

The exhibitors and we are working hard to prepare everything, we have all the official approvals for our safety first concept and everyone involved is highly motivated to put on a great and exciting event.

In the last few weeks, we've had a lot of questions about tickets, so we'd like to explain in more detail what a day ticket includes.
Let's be clear again: You can, of course, take part in several or all four days. To do so, please simply order the tickets for the individual days!


What is available in the indoor area?

Access to the indoor area is possible during the 4 hours of the period selected on the ticket. Either from 10:00 – 14:00 or from 15:00 – 19:00. This is an exception this year and is solely due to the (C-19) requirement of the upper limit of people inside the building.

What is to experience inside the FEZ-Berlin building?

Westflügel/Halle: 55 exhibitors
K1: 14 exhibitors
K2: 10 exhibitors
Puppenbühne: Zähl und HEDD Audio in an exclusive showcase situation
Various single rooms on the upper floor: approx. 23 exhibitors

Details and exact positions of the exhibitors you will find here in our plan.

Modular Synthesizer Ensemble and Virtual Discussion Concerts
(0€ extra ticket required for numerical registration).

The virtual GK are live presentations by manufacturers from different continents who unfortunately cannot be present. They will be connected via a zoom session on a big screen and will be available for a Q&A with the attending audience after the presentation.



What is available in the outdoor area?

Access to the outdoor area is possible with the respective ticket throughout the day from 10:00 – 22:00, without any further time limit. You can also leave the building for a break, a concert, a cigarette and a drink during your time in the indoor area and then come back in again. Even several times. Or stay outside completely, just as you like.

As things stand at the moment (without an extra ticket), there is much to see and do there:

Tent Forest: 28 exhibitors including the big circus tent with the Moog Landscape.

Fuchsbau: 6 exhibitors, DIY area, SchneidersModularKarussell and the stage for all lecture concerts (Verbos, Nonlinear, UDO, Haken, etc.)
The exact program for the lecture concerts can be found here (click)

Bungalowdorf: 11 exhibitors and mixed tables with several brands, plus some specials

The complete selection and positions of exhibitors can be found here (click)

Catering mile with 5-6 food stalls and various specialities, very good coffee from Johanna and the big bar with all drinks even on tables and chairs.

Finnbühne (presented by 30 Years Tresor), final concert in the evening daily from 20:30, on Saturday until 23:00 with Gesloten Cirkel x SBNH, Carlota & Z.I.P.P.O among others.

Seaside Stage with 4 daily concerts starting from 12:30 and the final concert in the evening with artists like Yann Tiersen, hackedepicciotto, JakoJako and Pole.

The complete concert program can be found here (click)

Pavilion: Koma Field Kit Trip
here and there: Klangsafari and Kurt Dahlke alias Pyrolator with his live improvisations.

All concerts are included in the day ticket, no extra ticket is necessary.

DIY Workshops
++ A separate ticket is required for the DIY workshops in the Fuchsbau. Access is granted with any ticket from any of the four days. ++
The program of the DIY workshops can be found here.

Due to the current situation, everything is probably a bit more local and smaller at this years SuperBooth. We have more time for each other, more space, more freedom and maybe everything is a bit more relaxed.

We have 4 days with around 150 exhibitors and inventors, concerts on four stages, presentations, talks, workshops, soldering, listening, eating and drinking in a wonderful atmosphere with sounds and music. The evening concerts of the Miller-Zillmer Foundation on our Seaside Stage themselves are a special highlight that cannot be experienced elsewhere in this form and environment. There is absolutely no reason to miss it.

If you're into synths, sounds, modules and even handmade guitars in a wicked setting, get a ticket (click) and come along. See you in September!

Your SuperBooth Team


Hello Friends, Visitors and interested people,
Many national and international exhibitors and their innovative synthesizers and effect devices attract thousands of music makers to FEZ-Berlin every year. Equally attractive are the numerous concerts and special events. These include many workshops that invite you to join in, the SchneidersLaden Tour and the comfortable arrival by boat shuttle from Berlin Mitte.
Stage program: This year, SUPERBOOTH21 will feature four stages. In addition to the auditorium and the seaside stage, two new venues will be added: the Finnhütten and the Fuchsbau.
In the auditorium, there will be Gesprächskonzerte (lecture concerts) and talks with Jean-Michel Jarre, Reinhold Heil, Atom TM and T.Raumschmiere among others. Early Wednesday evening, the Miller-Zillmer-Foundation will present itself to invited guests in the auditorium, where it will celebrate its two-year anniversary. This year the Miller-Zillmer-Foundation makes possible the workshop series with Gammon and his Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, as well as in co-operation with Mute Artists Ltd. - the headlining concerts on the seaside stage every evening:Yann Tiersen, hackedepicciotto, JakoJako and Pole.
The past 18 months have left room for many artists to go into the studio and write new music. SUPERBOOTH21 is one of the first opportunities to bring the results of these processes on stage and so there are some premieres to see. Yann Tiersen (Mute, release date: August 27, 2021) presents his new album „Kerber“. Also from hackedepicciotto (Mute), st.raumen (release date: 30. August 2021) and Pole (Mute) there is something new to hear.
The seaside stage will also feature Maarten Vos, Bloody Mary, Carolina Eyck, Kitmun and Ain TheMachine X SBNH, among others. The stage at the Finnhütten will be hosted by the legendary Tresor. For the 30th anniversary of the Berlin club and label, there will be concerts every night at 8:30 p.m. by e.g. Z.I.P.P.O, Carlota and Artik.
The ever-popular Gesprächskonzerte will mainly take place at the Fuchsbau. On this new stage, SOMA Laboratory, Verbos Electronics, Haken Audio, Polyend, U-HE, Joranalogue and Bitwig, among others, will musically present their products. In addition, you can also get involved yourself at the Fuchsbau and contribute to the musical background of the event at the Modular Carousel.
Workshops & DIY: The various DIY workshops will take place in the cozy ambience of the DIY tent at the Fuchsbau. Workshops offered are from Befaco, Leaf Audio, Making Sound Machines, Touellskouarn and Shakmat Modular, among others. Due to the severe limitation of places, tickets for the DIY workshops should be booked early.
Other workshops include the Tapeloop Workshop on September 18 (for up to 5 participants), the Kreativ Klangsafari in cooperation with the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, and of course Gammon‘s Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, who will once again be working on a daily performance with students and presenting it at 1:30 pm. Tickets for many workshops can already be booked online and can be found here.
Livestream & virtuelle Gesprächskonzerte (lecture concerts): Those who are unable to attend SUPERBOOTH21 in person can look forward to the daily livestream. Here, the highlights of the various stages will be shown in a three-hour program. This also includes the virtual Gesprächskonzerte, which offer exhibitors who cannot come to SUPERBOOTH21 the unique opportunity to present themselves to the audience simultaneously online and on site - live on screen in the auditorium. Among other things, the Gesprächskonzerte by and with Noise Engineering and Animal Factory Amplification will be presented here.
Boat shuttle: The boat shuttle departs daily from the old historic harbor in Berlin Mitte in the direction of FEZ-Berlin. The landing stage can be found at Mellow- park. From here there are precise signs to lead the right way to FEZ-Berlin.
Tickets for the boat shuttle are available now and are very limited. It is advisable to be quick! Here you can get the tickets.
SchneidersLaden Tour: The tour offers a behind-the-scenes look at Germany‘s most important synthesizer store - For this tour Andreas Schneider has asked one of his first employees to tell interested guests about the history of SchneidersLaden, SchneidersBuero and Superbooth – and to provide insights into the current showrooms and behind the scenes of SchneidersLaden in Berlin Kreuzberg.
What‘s left to say? Stay healthy everyone and get vaccinated so we can spend a wonderful SUPERBOOTH21 together in September!
And: Day tickets for SUPERBOOTH21 are currently still available for all time periods on and can be combined at will with the special event tickets for workshops, boat shuttle and the exclusive tour throughSchneidersLaden.
Tickets for DIY workshops are only valid in combination with any day ticket for SUPERBOOTH21. All special event tickets are strictly limited and can only be booked in advance of the event.

All tickets are available exclusively via pre-sale on - there will be no box office to ensure a contactless transaction.
Please note that access to the exhibition grounds will only be granted with a daily negative rapid test, complete approved vaccination or convalescent status.
SUPERBOOTH21 15. - 18. September 2021

We are looking forward to your visit and to seeing you again in September!

Best Regards,

Your Superbooth Team Two Of Cups

We are happy to announce Two Of Cups

The Two Of Cups is a 2-voice sample player with 8 banks.


  • Zero-latency sample playback—directly from microSD card
  • Factory soundbank by Julia Bondar
  • Onboard envelope generator decay control, pitch control with 1V/Oct inputand sample selection control with meta cv input
  • Arbitrary sample rate: 8 and 16 bit samples with 12 bit output bitrate

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