Airstreamer 4 & Running Order 1U launch

Dear people, friends and partners.

After announcing Airstreamer 4 and Running Order in a 1U format we are finally ready with the launch date.

The reimagined Airsteamer4 is an ultra slim 4hp envelope generator with looping/ASR/AD/S&H/T&H/slew modes saves a lot of space without compromising the functionality.

Running Order in 1U format is a two track trigger sequencer with 101, random, ratcheting and euclidean features.

The official launch and availability of the product is set on 28th of November.

Birdkids Raven Voice

The Raven Voice module is a versatile and unique synth voice for musicians and sound designers.

In this video we show the sounds and features of the synth voice. The module combines a semi-modular synthesizer voice with fully-modular flexible capabilities by assigning Control Voltage I/O´s at almost any point in the signal workflow. Each modular component can be considered as a standalone unit. In this video we use two external ADSR in combination with a Midi-to-CV-Converter to trigger the synth voice. An external LFO is also really useful to bring some modulation in the synth voice.

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