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Digital Analog 2019


At this year's DigitalAnalog Festival in Munich, SND, Vermona, Doepfer, Verbos and Haken were present with different modular systems. The number of visitors exceeded all expectations!



Birdkids RAVEN coming soon

RAVEN is comprised of: 

  • Dual, wide-range Voltage Controlled Oscillators.
  • The original TheBateleur (Ⓡ pending) Voltage Controlled Filter. 
  • Two Voltage Controlled Amplifier outputs: A high-performance THAT2162 BlackmerⓇ VCA and an Optocoupler VCA

RAVEN combines the simplicity of a performance-friendly, semi-modular synthesizer voice with fully-modular, infinitely flexible, workflow possibilities by assigning Control Voltage I/O’s at (almost) every point in the signal workflow. Each modular component can be seen as a standalone, self-sufficient entity.
The VCF can be bypassed to allow for a VCO (I+II Sum) to VCA operation and thus used as a standalone VCF or third voice in self-oscillation, perfectly tracking 1V/Oct by choice. 


Black Corporation announced Deckard's Voice

Black Corporation announced Deckard’s Voice - an entry level semi-modular synth from Black Corporation for eurorack systems.

Sharing the same paradigm and circuit as it's bigger brother Deckard's Dream, trimmed down for eurorack and supplemented with the flexibility available only in a modular format. Shipping this autumn.

More infos soon!

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