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Alex4 at the NAMM Show 2020

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At this year‘s NAMM Show we were glad to welcome a good number of manufacturers joining our booth.

Dieter Doepfer came to show an innovative 3D joystick and new modules from his Slim Line Series. We were especially enthusiastic about the new 133-2 with MOD input!

The complete UDO team joined in to present the upcoming Super6 synthesizer. After all they received Sonic State's award for best polyphonic synth in 2020. Congratulations!

Simone, Antonio and Giovanni came with FrapTools and FrapAudio, their newly launched division settled in the Pro Audio departement. They presented Brenso, FrapTools' hot new dual oscillator and the USTA sequencer as well as FrapAudio’s new compressor.

Moritz Scharf of Endorphines showcased the new Ground Control sequencer as well as a new serie of small eurorack modules to complete their growing system.

Vermona was represented by Gus Callahan who explained the new Melodizer Sequencer/Quantizer in a very charming and profound way.

The lovely Harry Axten not only represented Kenton but also hosted Analogue Systems with a mighty RS-8000 cabinet.

Joel Davel came to show the Buchla Easel Command which is a new version of the legendary Music Easel instrument with more flexibility and independence, while also providing the means to easily interface with more devices.

Olafur Bogason from Genki Instruments came to visit our booth on several days, where the Genki Wave Ring was in use at various stations.

Roman Filippov from Black Corporation also stopped by with his latest development: the Xerxes, an eight-voice clone of the Elka Synthex.

And as in past years we shared our booth with Haken Audio who presented the latest model of the Continuum fingerboard, which is now lighter and more elegant.

The visitors really enjoyed a three-voice polyphonic system with modules from Humble Audio, Supercritical Synthesizer and E-RM.

Also present at our booth were ACL, AJh Synth, Animal Factory Amplification, Cwejman, Flame, Meng Qi, Sherman, Verbos and TouellSkouarn.

Special thanks go out to Kii Audio for lending us a pair of the superb sounding Kii Three speakers. Check them out here:

Along with the presentation of new gear we took on our mission to promote and explain electronic musical instruments. Being surrounded by friends and partners such as Verbos Elecronics we had a really good time meeting musicians of such diversitiy as maybe only NAMM Show offers. And honestly, coming from european winter the californian sun did its part as well.


NAMM Show 2020

Alex4 will be represented at the NAMM Show this year with a big booth.

We will exhibit mixed systems with our sales brands, including: ACL, AJH Synth, Analogue Systems, Animal Factory, Birdkids, Cwejman, Doepfer, E-RM,, Eowave, Flame, Frap Tools, Meng Qi, Supercritical Synthesizers, TouellSkouarn, UDO Audio, Verbos Electronics and Vermona!

This year the focus will be on the fun of modularity. Small daily concerts will show the visitors the different possibilities of the modular system: for example besides the classical use as a defined synthesizer you can hear how the modular system can be used as drum machine, processing or effect box.

We are looking forward to an exciting time with many visitors!

Booth 10302

16 to 19 January 2020

Anaheim Convention Center - Anaheim, CA

Superbooth, Superbooth, Superbooth, News, News, News...

We are at Superbooth! Nearly all of our brands that are exhibiting will showcase some new products. We will inform our shops about these after Superbooth with hopefully more details like release dates and pricing.

We recommend checking the brands webpages and social media channels for more details for now.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY and Z.... these links might help to check their news online before going to Superbooth.

For the booth number, please go here.

ACL, AJH Synth, Analogue Systems, Animal Factory Amps, Birdkids, Black Corporation, Cwejman, Doepfer, E-RM Erfindungsbüro,, Eowave, Flame, Frap Tools, Haken Audio, Humble Audio, Kenton, Meng Qi, Sherman, Supercritical Synthesizers, TouellSkouarn, UDO Audio, Verbos Electronics and Vermona...

see you soon!


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