Stereo processing with ACL VC Panning Amplifier and M/S Matrix

In this video we explore the possibilities of stereo and Mid/Side processing using the ACL VC Panning Amplifier and the M/S Matrix. For filter duties we use two AJH Synth Sonic XV Filters.

The ACL VC Panning Amplifier is specially designed to process audio signals, dynamically positioning them in a stereo field. The gain balance between both VCAs and hence the panorama position of a stereo signal is manually and voltage controllable. The common gain of the two channels is also manually adjustable with a single pot. The module also allows very musical harmonic distortion by pushing the gain to overload the circuit.

The ACL M/S Matrix module is able to deconstruct a conventional stereo signal in Mid and Side signals or, the other way round, converting an M/S stereo signal into L/R stereo.

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