SNDs newest device called ACME4 is a professional centralcontrol system for musical synchronisation signals. The abbreviation ACME stands for "Advanced Clock Management Engine". It is the only device in the world to generate a MIDI master clock that is absolutely jitter-free !!

  • derives a highly accurate clock from any audio workstation or computer
  • generates 4 separate clock streams
  • each clock stream has its individual MIDI output. 2 streams also generate 24-ppq signals (“Roland sync”), while the other 2 provide trigger and reset signals for analog sequencers and arpeggiators.
  • each clock stream can be time-shifted in relation to the master clock, in extremely small increments as well as in 16th-note steps.
  • each clock stream can be set to double or half tempo, and can be turned on and off without loosing synchronicity.
  • a swing or shuffle factor can be set individually for each clock stream. The swing pattern can be the same for all 4 streams, or it can be a different one for each. A software editor for these patterns is included.
  • complete settings of all controls can be stored and recalled. All parameters can be remote controlled via MIDI. A setup mode allows to set precise absolute offsets for each clock, to compensate for technical reaction time differences of the various devices connected.
  • like all SND products, the ACME-4 has been designed with great attention to detail. The 32-bit risc-processor ensures lightning-fast reaction. High-grade components (gold-plated jacks, switches, and push-buttons, sealed Alps potentiometers etc.) and a rugged metal casing ensure decades of reliable operation.
  • USB input for power and for connection with your computer
  • audio input for clock signal (1/4" socket)
  • channel 1&2: MIDI output and DIN Sync output
  • channel 3&4: MIDI output and analog Clock/Reset output (1/4" socket)

Dimensions: 217 x 160 x 68 mm Connections: USB Audio-Input 4x MIDI-Output 2x Sync/MIDI-Output 2x Clock/Reset-Output

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