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Doepfer LMK2+ 88K/GH Masterkeyboard V1.7 USB without case without power supply

LMK2+ is a low cost MIDI masterkeyboard with 4 keyboard zones, 2 wheels and after touch. It is suitable for all applications where the extraordinary masterkeyboard functions of the LMK4+ are not required but a high quality keyboard is indispensable.

This is the version without case and without power supply.


The most important features of LMK2+ at a glance:

  • high quality keyboard with real piano style action and hammer mechanics, 88 keys
  • black flightcase with handle and removable lid
  • Velocity resolution max. 127 steps resolution, dependig upon selected velocity curve - 8 velocity response curves - Monophonic aftertouch (channel aftertouch)
  • 2 wheels: the spring-loaded one is used for pitch-bend, the other can be assigned to any Midi controller from #0...#31 (e.g. #1 = Modulation)
  • 3-digit LED display
  • 8 menu-buttons with LED indicators
  • External 1/4" input-jack for double-footswitch (Sustain and Sustenuto function, e.g. our VFP2, see accessories)
  • External 1/4" input-jacks for sweep pedal (Volume function, e.g. our FP5, see accessories)
  • After-Touch, Wheels, external Footswitches and Pedal can be turned on/off for each zone
  • Adjustable velocity reduction factor for black keys
  • non volatile memory for the last keyboard configuration (user preset)
  • additionally 16 fixed factory presets (cannot be modified by the user)



Footswitch In (jack) CTRL In (jack) MIDI Out USB

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