Verbos Electronics Producer Configuration (wood)

Verbos Electronics Producer Configuration (wood)

The Producer configuration is designed for studio use and offers many sound shaping possibilities.

The Foundation Oscillator is paired with the Harmonic Oscillator for sound creation and a Multi-Delay is added for Time Domain effects. The bottom row offers plenty of options for CV creation and manipulation.

This configuration includes the following modules: 

Top Row

Bottom row


The following cables are included in the delivery: 

  • 2x Verbos adapter cable 3.5mm - 6.3 mm 150cm, grey
  • 2x Verbos patch cable 90 cm black
  • 3x Verbos patch cable 60 cm grey
  • 3x Verbos patch cable 22 cm red


208 HP, ultra thin (4 cm tall at the front), professionally powered (1.66A per rail)

Article n°

  • VEProCw


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