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Animal Factory Amplification - Vivisect

Where's the joy in modular synthesis if you can't perform surgical operations on living, screaming electrical signals?

Vivisect is a deceptively simple module designed to attenuate, invert and sum four inputs to two outputs. Each input has its own output, and all channels are DC coupled.

An additional circuit gives you a separate offset between +/-5V from a precision DC reference. This offset can be switched in and out of the mix as required using the offset push-button. The mix output has a second output that is an inverted copy of itself. All outputs are independently operable. 

Last but not least, a white noise generator completely separate from the mixer circuit gives you about 10V of white noise to calm your nerves, confuse your pet or make hi-hats with.

As an added bonus, jumpers on the back of the module allow you to normalize Input 1 to any or all of the other three inputs. Using this, you can self-patch the module to create e.g. 4 channels of noise or offset.

Whether you're new to voltage surgery or a professional patcher, the Vivisect module is designed to be anaesthesia-free fun for the whole family!

Das große Buch zum Doepfer A-100 Analog Modular Synthesizer

Now available as a free download: Andreas Krebs, Das große Buch zum Doepfer A-100 Modulsynthesizer

The book: All current A-100 modules are described systematically and in detail. In addition, many unusual patches "from the bag of tricks" are presented (illustrated in colour throughout). Sound generators - filters - unusual sound benders - modulators - everything for amplifying, mixing and splitting sounds - manipulating triggers - cabinets. Especially for beginners: basics of modular systems, connections, overview of all filters and their differences, how to turn a low-pass filter into a high-pass filter, example systems for different purposes, etc. Especially for advanced module users: Unusual modules and their possibilities - e.g. how a flexible waveshaper can be built from a max/min module, how a comparator transforms oscillations, what a polariser has in common with a ring modulator or why an oscillator can also simply sing along with you.

The author: Andreas Krebs has been working with analogue (and other) synthesizers for about 30 years. After graduating in psychology, he has been working in the IT field for many years. Andreas composes and improvises strange music.

Our opinion: The book describes all modules very competently and in detail (as of 2011) and was designed by the author with a lot of devotion to detail. Highly recommended !

The book is out of print, but the author kindly offers it for free download:

Further information is available at

Orobas 6SJ7 Tube VCA Eurorack Module - Full Demo

Today Animal Factory Amplification will share a video demo of the upcoming Orobas module!

It would be wrong to typecast the Orobas as just another VCA. It makes use of the characteristics of 1950s-era 6SJ7 vacuum tube to distort, wave shape, duck, expand, saturate and completely dismember the soul of the incoming signal.

The Orobas took inspiration from the fantastic body of work laid down by Eric Barbour of Metasonix.

Find more informations here.

Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion Stereo Effects Processor

The Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion Stereo Effects Processor is now available from us, in silver or black.

The E520 Hyperion is a mono/stereo in, stereo out effects module.

Powered by a 480MHz ARM Cortex M7 CPU, the E520 has 64MB on on-board SDRAM for recording up to 6min of stereo audio at 48KHz sample rate. The LCD screen and optical encoder navigation uses the same 'shallow' menu scheme of our E352 and E370 modules, with the addition of 4 'soft keys' for selecting options without having to leave the main page.

The module uses a premium audio path not usually found in Eurorack. Crystal Semi CODECs, TI OPA-series op amps (in the audio sections) are used along with low-noise, dedicated LDO voltage regulators for a clean, full soundstage. Audio conversion uses 48KHz sample rate, 24bit resolution with a line or synth level setting.


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