Atonal Festival

Modular Schaltzentrale – Atonal Festival with SchneidersLaden

For the forth time SchneidersLaden will host the Modular Schaltzentrale at Atonal. Every night the invited artists will perform in this unique former control room of the Kraftwerk. Therefor SchneidersLaden puts together  several modular synthesizer of different size and shape – the concept is to explore new modular narratives with these special machines. The program of Schaltzentrale will be running each night of the festival concurrently with the concerts on the main stage. Situated within the old control room of the Kraftwerk – the Schaltzentrale offers a unique platform for intimate and surprising musical experiments on the selected modular synthesizers by SchneidersLaden.

The room plays host each day to spontaneous collaborations and surprising twists, featuring, among others: Daniel Miller, Mark Verbos, Lady Starlight, Merlin Ettore, Robert Lippok, Octachoron, ZV_K, 2244 & COP, Mirages, Jessica Kert, Jako Jako, Benjamin Flesser & Adam Asnan, Palais d’Amour, Tom Körting and Feld. Accompanied by employees of the legendary synthesizer store from Kreuzberg, the artists are invited to leave the beaten path of usual performances and concerts.

SchneidersLaden thanks all artists who have taken up this special challenge!

More information and the daily program will be published on, the Atonal facebook page and on the official website.



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