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Snazzy FX Telephone Game

An input signal, or the noise signal normalized to it, passes five sample & hold units that are connected in series. You can tap the fifth, the third and the first one (yeah, the module counts backwards somehow) or the sum of all S&Hs, resulting in wild sequences. At the slew output the smoothed signal is available. Two slew modes are available and the slew rate can be controlled.
The wildest feature is the feedback: output of S&H number 5 can be fed back to it's input, same with the sum of all five S&H units.
Modulation depth and feedback of sum signal and of S&H five are adjustable individually.

A loop mode freezes a random sequence and saves it. This allows for switching between S&H madness and a memorized variation that can be inserted when desired. The loop can be activated both with the button and via a signal at the loop gate socket. Both affect the loop mode in a sightly different way.

Just like any other sample & hold also the Telephone Game requires an external clock signal but here the clock is processed and is also available at the clock output. On one hand there is a clock divider with pretty strange dividers (0, 1 and 5). On the other hand there are two clock modes. Mode A passes the clock as usual, mode B lets five clocks pass, then mutes five clocks, than again five on and five off etc.

The module makes really a lot of when combined with a clock source, a sequencer and a clock divider that might de-/activate the loop in an odd rhythm.


Power consumption: 38mA at +12 V and 38mA at -12 V

Depth: 24mm

12 HP

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