Snazzy FX Kitty Eyes

Snazzy FX Kitty Eyes

Kitty Eyes is a compact chaos oscillator, which can be used as a sound generator or modulation source. Its X and Y outputs emit audio respectively CV signals of different phase and characteristics. – Ideal raw material for experimental drum and effect sounds or wild parameter modulations. The frequency can be adjusted via a potentiometer. The trigger output emits chaotic pulse sequences with variable intensity. – An excellent starting point for creating random drum patterns, but also usable as a sound source. The CV input of the module can process continuous control voltages, trigger signals and audio material. Accordingly, the results are very versatile.

Kitty Eyes was made for experimentation. The module’s behavior can be changed drastically via parameter adjustments and the introduction of external audio signals or control voltages.

Here’s a quick look at the functional range of Kitty Eyes:

Speed potentiometer: Controls the frequency of the chaos oscillator. – Sort of a coarse tune parameter that goes down to the LFO range.

X and Y outputs: These connectors emit two audio respectively CV signals. They differ in phase and characteristics. The outputs therefore vary in tonality or shape of the modulation waveforms.

CV input: The control voltage connector can be fed with a multitude of signals. Triggers are usable to align Kitty Eyes to a rhythm, for example. Signals from an external VCO transform the module into an unstable sync oscillator. LFO waves and noise can also be used profitably.

CV potentiometer: This control element serves as an attenuator for the control voltage input. If no cable is plugged into the connector, the knob is normalized to a fixed voltage. It can then be used as a fine tune potentiometer.

Trig output: This connector outputs chaotic trigger sequences. They can be used as control signals or audio material.

Thrsh: Controls the threshold value and thus the probability with which trigger signals are generated.

Power consumption: 10mA at +12 V and 10mA at -12 V

HP : 6

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