Snazzy FX Kick_Me

Snazzy FX Kick_Me

Kick_Me is able to generate a wide array of classic to modern bass drum sounds. Its basic character is deliberately different from classic TR-X0X instruments. The module’s repertoire ranges from tight to brachial, roaring bass drums. Thanks to separate decay parameters and outputs for the actual kick and the sub-bass content, the assertiveness of sounds can be controlled very nicely. Additionally, the dual concept makes it very easy to process results of the Kick_Me via filters, distortion and modulation effects. Other control elements allow users to alter the attack, pitch and resonance of sounds. Furthermore, there is a clipping stage for more aggressive kicks.

Kick_Me is played via a trigger input. A linear CV channel allows external circuits to influence the pitch. Audio signals are emitted via two connectors:

  • Output A: The actual kick drum
  • Output B: Additional sub-bass content

 Many of the module’s synthesis parameters influence each other. In detail, the following control elements are available:

  • Pitch potentiometer: Controls the pitch.
  • Beater potentiometer: For shaping the attack phase.
  • Damp potentiometer: Controls the resonance strength of kick sounds.
  • Decay potentiometer: Determines the length of the bass drums emitted by output A.
  • Kick B potentiometer: Determines the length of the sub-bass content emitted by output B.
  • Clip switch: Activates the clipping stage.

Stromverbrauch: 10mA auf +12 V und 10mA auf -12 V

HP : 8

Article n°

  • SnFxKM


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