Mayer-EMI MD900 Extended Virtual Analog (XVA) Desktop Synthesizer

Mayer-EMI MD900 Extended Virtual Analog (XVA) Desktop Synthesizer

The Mayer-EMI MD900 Extended Virtual Analog (XVA) Synthesizer is a modern 16-voice polyphonic desktop synthesizer with Touch-Display. Next to VA synthesis, it features Wavetables, Drum Sounds and a MIDI Clip Launcher.

The overall audio path is stereophonic including the oscillator, mixer, filter, amps and effects.

The synthesizer provides two oscillators, which can work either as VA with morphable waves or in wavetable mode. There are 32 wavetables installed, in the future the import of user wavetables is also planned.

There are two multimode filters that can operate independently or be coupled together. For modulation 4 envelope generators and 3 LFO's are available per voice.

The MD900 offers four multitimbral parts (A, B, C, D). All four parts have an independent arpeggiator and step sequencer. Furthermore each part has its own effect stack featuring chorus, vibrato, reverb, tube-amp, EQ, LP-Filter, limiter and stereo delay.

Additionally, there is a drum section. The drum sounds are sampled and the import of own samples is possible. Furthermore, the drums can be used to control an effect via side-chain.

The housing is made of aluminum with real walnut wood on the front and back.

The MD900 XVA engine is patch compatible with the M800-R2 synthesizer.


* from now on with a VESA (75mm) mounting option



Clip Launch Demo (Mayer EMI)

Sound Demo (Limbic Bits)

Altes Video von SB2019

Sonic Talk 709

Dimension: 460mm x 295mm x 65mm

Power: External 15V DC power brick 50W

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  • MayMD900




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