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Haken Audio TriOctave Pedal

The Haken Audio TriOctave Pedal lets you play a three octave range without moving your hands on the Continuum’s playing surface, allowing you to play fast passages with accurate continuous-pitch finger placement.  With skill and practice, you an use the TriOctave Pedal to do fast playing with each note having its own pitch.

This simple idea has been around since the 1930s but it has been lost in a world dominated by keyboards and tuning tables.  The Haken Audio TriOctave Pedal consists of a pair switch pedals within a custom 3D-printed no-slip enclosure. TRS adapters allow connection to the Slim Continuum, ContinuuMini, or Full/Half Size Thick Continuum. This setup is optimized in the Continuum/ContinuuMini firmware to facilitate fast and accurate pitch octave switching.  

Scope of delivery:  

  • Custom 3D printed enclosure  
  • Two Yamaha FC-5 pedals
  • Adapter for connection to Slim Continuum or ContinuuMini (HOSA YPP-117)  
  • Adapter for connection to Full and Half Size Thick Continuum (HOSA YMP-137).

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