Flame uQMCV 4-Voice MIDI-TO-CV

Flame uQMCV 4-Voice MIDI-TO-CV

The FLAME µQMCV 4Voice provides 1V/oct, gate and velocity CV signals for four voices from the incoming Midi signals and additionally offers an aftertouch and modulation CV output as well as a run transport output and clock output.


  • 4 Midi to CV channels with Gate,Note, Velocity
  • 5 modes are possible:
        A) 4-way polyphonic
        B) 3x polyphonic+1x monophonic
        C) 2x two voices
        D) 1x two voices and 2x monophonic
        E) 4x monophonic
  • 2 gate outputs for MIDI-Clock Run and 1/16th clock
  • 2 additional controller CV outputs for modulation wheel and pitchbend
  • MIDI Input and THRU (TRS MIDI B standard)


HP : 5


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