Flame uMCLK Midi-to-Clock Divider

Flame uMCLK Midi-to-Clock Divider

The Flame µMCLK module can either work as a MIDI clock divider or as an analog clock divider. The divider outputs are assigned differently in both operating modes.

After receiving a MIDI start command, the module works as a MIDI clock divider. There are fixed dividers on 11 outputs. Via the divider output KEYS, triggers can be triggered and mixed via MIDI notes. The keyboard zone extends over three octaves. With the help of the LEARN key, the receive MIDI channel and the lowest note of this 3-octave range can be defined.

When stopped (i.e. after receiving a MIDI stop command or after switching on), the module works as an analog clock divider and divides the analog clock present at the CLOCK input. The 12 analog divider outputs can be reprogrammed via SYSEX. Ready-made SYSEX files are already available (e.g. for even / odd dividers, Fibonacci series, offbeats, etc.). The RESET input resets the analog counters or serves to deactivate the analog divider.


  • 11 Clock outputs with fixed dividers
  • 1 clock output with beats playable via Midi keyboard (various dividers are located on keyboard keys)
  • Start/Stop trigger outputs
  • Analog inputs for clock and reset
  • Module can be clocked via MIDI or analog

Power consumption: 80mA at +12 V and 0mA at -12 V

Depth: 40mm

HP : 5

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