Flame C-3 MkII Knob Rekorder

Flame C-3 MkII Knob Rekorder

The FLAME "C-3 MK2" is a three-channel module for recording and playing back movements of controllers.
Those can be recorded with each channel´s individual knob. The movements will be output as control voltages.
The recording time per track is over one minute. The playback speed is adjustable.
All three tracks have a common reset input. The track data remains permanently stored (battery-backed memory).
The module can be globally switched to bipolar or unipolar voltage range (switch on the PCB).

technical details:

- 3 channels with each one control
- recording time per control: over one minute
- adjustable playback speed
- resolution 12Bit, sampling rate ca. 300 Hz
- modes: playback one shot or playback loop
- punch-in record
- switchable between playback and potentiometer
- non-volatile battery buffered memory
- global voltage range setting per jumper to bipolar +/-5v or unipolar 0-10v

inputs and outputs:

- 3 CV outputs bipolar +/-5v or unipolar 0-10v
- additional CV input on track 1: bipolar +/-5v or unipolar 0-10v
- common reset input for all three tracks

Power consumption: 30mA at +12 V and 5mA at -12 V

Depth: 33mm

HP : 6

Article n°

  • FLC3II


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