Flame C-1U Knob Recorder

Flame C-1U Knob Recorder

The C-1U module is a one-channel module for recording and playing back movements of controller. Those can be recorded with the potentiometer knob. The movements will be output as control voltage. The record time amounts to one minute maximal. The track can be played once only (one shot) or in loop. The speed of the play back or the output offset is controllable with the pot. There are an additional CV input for CV recordings and a reset input.

Track data remains permanently stored when a 3V battery is used to buffer the RAM*. When the module is switched on, the recorded data is available again. The module can be operated unipolar or bipolar (set by jumper on the back).

*Note: The C-1U KNOBREKORDER uses a st andard 3v lithium backup battery , type CR2032. The battery
is needed to keep recordings and settings stored when the Eurorack case is turned off.




Power consumption: 20mA at +12 V and 9mA at -12 V

HP : 12

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  • FLC1U


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