Endorphin.es Golden Master

Endorphin.es Golden Master

Golden Master is a multiband processor module in Eurorack format. Inspired from the studio mastering and radio loudness units from the 90’s, this tool is a game changer for everyone who performs live with a Eurorack synthesizer.

The whole magic of Eurorack lies in its raw sound and simple analog mixes — processing through the Golden Master brings instant punch and sound pressure, as well as controlling the overall volume.


  • instantly improve your raw Eurorack mixes to sound balanced and powerful on stage or wherever you are
  • 96 kHz 16 bit digital audio stereo processing
  • 3-band compressor with intuitive adjustment and brickwall limiter
  • mid/side stereo field processing

Power consumption: 135mA at +12V and 25mA at -12V

Depth: 30 mm (with ribbon cable connected)

HP : 6

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  • EPGM




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