Doepfer Manual für R2M/A-198 (nur Manual)

Doepfer Manual für R2M/A-198 (nur Manual)

Ribbon manual for A-198 and R2M.

The manual for the R2M control unit or the A-198 module essentially consists of a 50 cm long position sensor and a pressure sensor located below it. The data supplied by the manual (position of the finger and pressure) is then converted by the R2M or A-198 into corresponding midi commands or CV/Gate voltages.

  • very precise and sensitive position sensor (length 50 cm) that responds even to light finger touch
  • sensible pressure sensor located below the position sensor
  • solid metal frame (double U-shape profile), silver-grey color
    remark: from June 2011 the cases are black with white printing instead of  silvergrey with black printing
  • several M3 threads on all sides (e.g. to mount the manual on a base or to mount several manuals together or to fix a strap or ...) 
  • measures: about 600 length x 30 width x 18 height (measures in mm)
  • weight: about 900 g
  • connection to the control box via 4-pin cable (same as used for USB connections but no USB function )
  • cable included, length 1m (longer cables are available at extra charge, a standard USB cable type A-A can be used)

Article n°

  • A-198man


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