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Animal Factory Module Bonesaw

Bonesaw from Animal Factory Amplification is a filter with separate LP/BP/HP outputs. In addition, the module offers a drive circuit. The filter has a saturated fat sound and especially in lowpass mode it growls in the bass range, very mighty and powerful. Thanks to the FM input, very wild sounds can also be created.

There are three CV inputs for controlling the cutoff frequency, the frequency modulation intensity and the resonance. There is a drive potentiometer at the audio input as well as knobs for manually adjusting the cutoff frequency and the resonance.

The special feature of Bonesaw is the FM phase knob with which the phase of the frequency modulation can be changed.

Furthermore, Bonesaw can be connected internally to the Vivisect so that all three outputs (LP/BP/HP) are routed to individual channels of the Vivisect and mixed via them in phase or out of phase. In addition, the drive output of Bonesaw is available on channel 1 of Vivisect.



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