Analogue Systems System Lead A (Apprentice Case)

Analogue Systems System Lead A (Apprentice Case)

The System Lead A is a Minimoog inspired modular system specialized in monophonic synth sounds such as basses and leads.

The System Lead A comes in the “apprentice" cabinet - one row for modules twice as wide as a 19" frame and well suited for being used as a base for another cabinet or to be placed behind a keyboard. The height can be adjusted to the AS-Keyboards French Connection and Demon.

The System Lead A consists of the following modules: 3x RS-95e VCO 1x RS-100S VCF (Moog) 1x RS-120 VCF (Comb) 1x RS-380 Multimodul (LFO, Noise, Random, VCA) 1x RS-20 Ring Mod / Multiple 1x RS-160 CV Mixer 1x RS-165 Audio Mixer 2x RS-60 ADSR (Envelope) 1x RS-180 VCA 1x RS-390 Echo (Digital Delay) 1x RS-170 Multiples (2x5) 1x RS-420 Octave Controller

Detailled information regarding each module can be found on the corresponding article pages on our webpage.

Please note: patch cables are not included with this system. Matching cable sets by Cliff can be ordered separately.


All systems by Analogue Systems come readily configured and ready-to-operate with a 5 year warranty as long as they are not opened or modified.

Desktop-Modularsystem with one row (168HP) space for modules which is filled with AS-modules

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