Analogue Systems RS8000 (walnut)

The RS8000 is a large-dimensioned modular system in a representative cabinet made of walnut. The system spreads 29 modules over four rows and does not only offer standard modules but also specials like the Programmable Scale Generator and an Octave Filterbank. Plenty of oscillators, filters, VCAs and modulators make it easy to create complex patches. The integrated Trunk Line is a comfortable solution that makes routing signals to and from the rear of the system very easy.

The RS8000 consists of:

  • 3x RS-95e VCO
  • 1x RS-100S VCF (Moog)
  • 1x RS-110 (VCF Multi)
  • 1x RS-120 (VCF (Comb)
  • 1x RS-215 Eight Octave Filter
  • 1x RS-20 Ring Mod / Multiple (2x5)
  • 1x RS-130 Programmable Scale Generator
  • 2x RS-85 Extended VC-LFO
  • 3x RS-60 ADSR
  • 2x RS-160 CV Mixer
  • 1x RS-165 Audio Mixer
  • 3x RS-180 VCA
  • 1x RS-270 Adapter Converter
  • 1x RS-280 Divider
  • 1x RS-35 External Processor
  • 1x RS-40 S&H/Clock/Noise
  • 1x RS-50 Trigger Generator
  • 1x RS-70 Inverter/Preamp
  • 1x RS-230 CV Buffer
  • 1x RS-250 Trunk Line
  • 1x RS-170 Multiples

Detailled information regarding each module can be found on the corresponding article pages on our webpage. Please note: patch cables are not included with this system. Matching cable sets by Cliff can be ordered separately.

6U-Desktop-Modularsystem with four rows (à 84HP) which are filled with AS-modules

Article n°

  • AORS_W4-8000


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