Analogue Systems RS-120 Comb Filter

Analogue Systems RS-120 Comb Filter

The RS-120 is quite an unusual filter because unlike other filters it cuts several notches into the audio signal which result in a comb-like look of the frequency spectrum. Soundwise it is perfectly suited to create phaser and flanger sounds.

The filter is based on a bucket-brigade-device delay with very short times that clearly changes the phase of the signal. The feedback of this delay is used here as a resonance parameter that goes up to self-oscillation. There are two audio inputs with level control. Unity gain is reached at the pot´s position 4, beyond this point the filter will be overdriven. A control sets the delay time from 2.5ms to 25ms and in addition there are two CV inputs for controlling delay time, one with fixed 1V/oct and a variable one.

All modules by Analogue Systems come ready to use with five years warranty mounted in the by the customer preferred rack or cabinet.

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Power consumption: 10mA

Depth: 65mm

HP : 12

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  • AORS120



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