AJH Dual RVG Random Voltage Event Generator Silver

AJH Dual RVG Random Voltage Event Generator Silver

The Random Voltage Event Generator (RVG) is a faithful replica of the vintage EMS Random Voltage Generator. It produces random voltages which vary smoothly or in a step-wise manner. Random timing pulses are also available. The rate of change of all outputs is voltage controllable over a wide range.

Just like the original RVG it uses four unijunction transistors - three of them are configured as ramp and hold generators and the fourth is an LFO.  It produces two separate random voltages but also the clock time between pulses can be randomised.

The module offers some extra features: it is possible to add a bias voltage to either of the random voltage outputs, and also add slew to Voltage 1. There is a CV control of the LFO frequency and clock speed as well as CV control of the Time variance.

The internal LFO can be tapped thanks to dedicated outputs for both sawtooth and triangle waveforms, and the waveform shape follows the time variance. The internal clock can be started using an external gate or with the help of the manual trigger button that works when the clock is stopped.

The TR-IN input allows an external clock to be used instead of the internal LFO. There is also a gate output, the gate length changes in proportion with the time variance, and the duty cycle of the gate can be varied from 1% to 99%.

*limited edition!
The Dual RVG will be available with either a Black (Dark Edition) or Silver front panel. Just like the original EMS RVG the circuitry uses vintage unijunction transistors for both the ramp and hold and LFO circuits, these are quite rare and we have only obtained enough UJT's to build a limited number of modules, Therefore the Dual RVG module is being released as a once only, strictly Limited Edition of 250 units worldwide.


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