Verbos Electronics System TPK in Vermona Case

The Verbos Electronics Complex Oscillator is the core of the sound generation, combining a master oscillator with a voltage controlled waveshaper and a modulation oscillator to generate rich timbres. The Amplitude and Tone Controller not only offers a very clean VCA but with different settings of input gain, cutoff and resonance it's easy to turn a beastly screaming filter down to the natural response of a lowpass gate alike filter.

With the Voltage Multistage and Multi Envelope there's a vast amount of different and highly configurable modulation sources, while the Touchplate Keyboard with 32 chromatically tuned keys and a three octave switch as well as a pressure sensitive up/down bender that can bend everything that needs bending, paired with another 8 tunable keys, clearly aims for making the perfomer a key source of modulation.

The Verbos System TPK consists of the following:

  • 1x Complex Oscillator
  • 2x Amplitude and Tone Controller
  • 1x Voltage Multistage
  • 1x Multi-Envelope
  • 1x Touchplate Keyboard
  • 1x Vermona 2 row 104HP case

It's recommended to add modules like mixers, multiples and attenuators (like the Vermona ones) to the 1u row(s) to further increase the functionality without increasing the size of the system.

Detailed information on the individual modules can be found in the corresponding articles on our website.

Please note: Patch cables are not part of this system and have to be ordered separately

Desktopcase 2 rows of 3U and 2 rows 1U space for modules filled with: 1x Complex Oscillator 2x Amplitude and Tone Controller 1x Multi-Envelope 1x Voltage Multistage 1x Touchplate Keyboard

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  • VEStpk


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