Verbos Electronics Performer Configuration (black)

Verbos Electronics Performer Configuration (black)

The Performer Configuration was designed with live performance in mind.

It allows the user to intuitively improvise multiple musical voices at once. The Harmonic Oscillator and Complex Oscillator each with its own Amp & Tone, provide the classic Verbos sound. The bottom row offers a selection of control voltage generation and processing modules to shape the sound with extreme flexibility.

This configuration includes the following modules:

Top Row

Bottom Row


The following cables are included in the delivery: 

  • 2x Verbos adapter cable 3.5mm - 6.3 mm 150cm, grey
  • 2x Verbos patch cable 90 cm black
  • 3x Verbos patch cable 60 cm grey
  • 3x Verbos patch cable 22 cm red

208 HP, ultra thin (4 cm tall at the front), professionally powered (1.66A per rail)

Article n°

  • VEPerCb


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