TouellSkouarn Eread Doubl, quad TRS-to-2x Mono

TouellSkouarn Eread Doubl, quad TRS-to-2x Mono

Eread Doubl is a passive quad splitter from TRS to 2x mono mini jack.

 It was designed to be used with the New Akai© MPCs. The MPCs have 4 Strereo jacks cv output, with this module you can patch the 4 stereo cables in the stereo inputs, and the module will split the mono outputs. In the MPCs they’re labeled as 1/5, 2/6, 3/7, 4/8. The first splitter will output cv channels 1 and 5, and so on. So when you’re playing out you can left patched the splittered cv jacks, and you only have to repatch the stereo jacks. You can also use it as a Stereo maker, if you input 2 mono signals, they will be availlable in a stereo form at the stereo jack.

*no power needed

HP : 6

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