TouellSkouarn Amplaer Red Elektrek

TouellSkouarn Amplaer Red Elektrek

The Amplaer Red Elektrek is a stereo tube headphone amplifier, with balanced dual mono Jack 1/4" outputs and 1/8" stereo headphone output. High quality components. Made in France

The module features 2 identical channels for stereo use, with separate 1/4" output jacks.

Very simple but effective stereo headphone tube amplifier, with balanced outputs.

The right input is normalled to the left input so it can be used to monitor mono or stereo channels. Balanced output with very low impedance.

Compatible with 6j1P, 5654, 6AK5, EF95 tubes.

Built with High Performance Audio Operational Amplifiers.

The module can be powered from the 12V or 5v rail (selectable heaters voltage via jumpers).

Power consumption: 40mA (+ 350mA if 12V heaters) at +12 V, 35mA at -12 V, 350 mA (0mA if 12V heaters)

Depth: 25mm


HP : 12

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