Endorphin.es Terminal (Discontinued, last few)

Endorphin.es Terminal (Discontinued, last few)

Terminal combines a loopable dual AD envelope with a low pass gate and a digital reverb/ech unit one module.

Sections airplane A and B feature two identical, voltage controlled function generators with AD/AR/loop modes. In "cruise mode" AD-envelopes can be repeated as long as a gate signal is fed, in "loop"mode the section can be used as a LFO. Via the check-in trigger input the cycle can be stopped, e.g. for a reset.

The section gate/gateways is a vactrol based low pass gate. Filter and gate function independently of signal levels. Due to vactrol-based design the gate reacts slower with a slight decay, useful for the well-known Buchla-Bongo sound. Gateways controls the output with panorama control. Before that the signal is sent through the cabin pressure section.

The reverb/echo effect works with 12 bit and variable sample rate which can be controlled via CV.

Power consumption: 185mA at +12 V and 115mA at -12 V

Depth: 20mm

HP : 26

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  • EPTE



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