AJH MiniMod Sample Hold & Slew Black

AJH MiniMod Sample Hold & Slew Black

Sample Hold & Slew from AJH Synth features a versatile Sample and Hold circuit designed by Tony Allgood, built under license from Oakley Sound. It can be clocked from an external source or by the inbuilt clock generator, whose speed rate can be monitored by an LED. 

Thanks to a switch the behavior can be changed from Sample & Hold to Track & Hold. The Restrict potentiometer affects the way the hold output changes. When the knob is turned completely counterclockwise the unit behaves like a traditional S&H module. Turned fully clockwise the output is restricted to move only small by amounts for each new sample.

An inbuilt analogue noise generator is normalized to the input of the Sample & Hold section. Two types of noise are selectable with a switch: regular and clipped noise. Latter is particularly useful with the Sample & Hold section, as it is weighted to produce higher random voltages. Both noise textures can be shaped with the Colour knob. At center position the noise stays unfiltered, turning counter clockwise it introduces lowpass filtering and turning clockwise you get highpass filtering.

The module also contains a very well featured Slew Generator, with linear and exponential slew types, selectable using the according switch. Thanks to a gate input, the slew can be switched on or off using an external CV (Gated Slew). Die Slew-Steuerlogik kann dank des Kippschalters umgekehrt werden, der gleichzeitig als manuelles Ein- und Ausschalten dient, wenn nichts im SL-Gate-Eingang verpatcht ist. The intensity of the smoothing is controlled by the Slew potentiometer. An LED indicator lights when Slew is active.

Three slew modes are available, selectable using the switch:

  • Slew up only
  • Slew down only
  • Slew up and down

Power consumption: 55mA at +12 V and 40mA at -12 V

Depth: 26mm

HP : 12

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