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AJH MiniMod Dual LFO + VCA Silver

The Dual LFO + VCA comes equipped with two low-frequency oscillators, each featuring a triangle and a pulse output. Utilizing two of the module’s potentiometers, the shape respectively width of the waveforms can be adjusted. Therefore, it is easily possible to transform a triangle into a saw tooth or ramp wave. – Or anything in between. The other potentiometers allow users to adjust the LFO rates. Additionally, the first modulator features a switch for changing its tempo range plus there is a Sync input. The second LFO is normalized to the module’s linear VCA. It can be controlled via a CV input. This setup is very handy for regulating the low frequency oscillator’s modulation depth via, for instance, the modulation wheel of a keyboard.

The Dual LFO + VCA comprises two independent LFOs, each features potentiometers for rate adjustments as well as shaping the waveforms generated. Results can be tapped off two outputs, which are marked with triangle and square symbols. The maximum frequency usable for each LFO is dependent on the setting of its shape potentiometer:

Shape in middle position (Triangle / Square): 0.15 Hz to 25 Hz

Shape completely clockwise / counterclockwise (saw or ramp / pulse): 0.15 Hz to 1 kHz

By activating the circuit’s slow function, it is possible to gauge the first LFO to a frequency range of 0.01 Hz to 2 Hz. Furthermore, there is a Sync input.

The triangle output of the second LFO is normalized to the module’s linear VCA, which can be controlled via CV voltages. As soon as a cable is plugged into the amplifier’s input, signals coming from the low frequency oscillator are ignored.


Power consumption: 25mA at +12 V and 22mA at -12 V

Depth: 26mm

10 HP

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