AJH MiniMod DH-ADSR Silver

AJH MiniMod DH-ADSR Silver

The Complex Envelope Generator is based on one channel of the existing MiniMod Dual EG. In order to increase versatility, it has a Release control added to the envelope so that it is full ADSR but still with the characteristics of the Model D.
However, further additions were made: a pulse delay and pulse stretch circuit, along with a re-trigger facility (both of these can be switched out of circuit so that the envelope is a simple ADSR unit).
The addition of pulse conditioning and retrigger makes it into an LFO module and it can perform in a similar way to the EMS Synthi A and VCS3 Trapezoid generator, but with a full ADSR envelope too...

Power consumption: 30mA at +12 V and 12mA at -12 V

Depth: 26mm

HP : 10

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