AJH Finaliser R-EQ Black

AJH Finaliser R-EQ Black

This is three functions in one module:

a) Seven DSP based Reverbs, including Spring, Ambience, Room, Large Hall, Small Church, Large Church, Reverse and also a 380ms fixed delay. The reverb amount (wet dry mix) can be Voltage controlled.

b) A four band equaliser, with three of the bands (low, low-mid, high-mid) being sweepable Parametric EQ, and the fourth band (High) having selectable centre frequency. The EQ range is approx +/-15dB. The EQ section has a bypass switch so it can be defeated.

c) A sonic maximiser / aural exciter - this has two controls, enhance low and enhance high. These add some low and high "punch" to the sounds. It has a bypass function too, and the maximiser can be used in conjunction with both eq and reverb.

The module is mono in/mono out, or mono in/Stereo out. There is also a stereo in/stereo out mode, but this is for the reverb only. The EQ and maximiser work on the left channel only and are mono effects.

Power consumption: 105mA at +12 V and 55mA at -12 V

Depth: 24mm

HP : 18

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