AJH Entropic Doom Black

AJH Entropic Doom Black

Entropic Doom is a voltage controlled noise based oscillator, or noisillator for short.

It generates 1/f noise and this is then sent through a feedback loop which allows the noise to be "tuned" to varying degrees depending on the settings of the frequency and resonance controls, or incoming frequency or resonance CV's. The tuned circuit can be FM modulated too, for some thunderous sweeping sounds.

We have bright and dark outputs, which are pre and post filter respectively. The Bright output will always have a degree of noise present in the signal, whereas the Dark output can be tuned noise only when 4 pole resonance is selected. We also have an external Sync input, which will reset the resonant waveform, and we also have an Audio input, so that an external signal can be mixed into the resonant loop. Combinations of external waveforms to these two inputs can create some massive drone sounds, or sweeping sync sounds.

There is also an XOR ring modulator, which can be used as a module in its own right too. Lastly, we have an XOR amplifier, which is another independent circuit that can be used to add noise and distortion to any audio signal.

Power consumption: 45mA at +12 V and 28mA at -12 V

Depth: 26mm

HP : 14

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