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A-165-2 Digital Modifiers Slim Line

Module A-165-2 includes six modification circuits for digital signals (clock, gate, trigger, start, stop etc.) which are derived from the two input signals Input 1 und 2:

  • inverted signal of Input 1 (labelled 1)
  • inverted signal of Input 2 (labelled 2)
  • T flipflop (toggle flipflop), controlled by Input 1, this output changes it's state whenever a the rising edge of Input 1 appears (labelled 1/2, as it works similar to a 1:2 frequency divider)
  • Set/Reset flipflop, this output changes it's state to "high" during the rising edge of Input 1 and turns "low" during the rising edge of Input 2 (labelled RS)
  • inverted output of the Set/Reset flipflop (labelled RS)
  • pulse output, during both the rising and falling edge of Input 1 a short trigger pulse with about 50 ms lenght is generated (labelled with the sign ± and a rectangle pulse symbol) 

The outputs 21/2RS and the pulse output are equipped with LEDs that display the state of the output in question.
The output level for all six outputs can be set to 0/+5V or 0/+11V by means of a jumper on the pc board.

Voltage thresholds for the input voltages:

  • voltages below +0,8 V are treated as "low"
  • voltages above +3 V are treated as "high"

Typical applications

  • starting and/or stopping of events or switching operations with the RS or RS output (e.g. controlled by the trigger outputs of a sequencer, e.g. in combination with electronic switches)
  • generation of inverted digital signals
  • frequency division (1/2 output)
  • generation of short pulses during the rising and falling edge of a digital signal (e.g. triggering an envelope at both rising and falling edge of a gate signal).

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