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Portable Darkness BLCK_NOIR available now!

BLCK_NOIR from is now on stock.

It is a complex 7 voice analog drum/percussive synthesizer module based around analog discrete CR-68/78 circuits with advanced noise spectrum animation and effect processor.


  • 30 HP width under a black panel, < 2 cm or 3/4“ in depth
  • 7 drum voices in the analog kit: bass drum, snare, tambourine, closed and open hi-hats, metallic beat and cymbal
  • hybrid sound generation: band-limited digital noise with spectrum animation, injected into analog circuits
  • full discrete analog generation part, using inductor coils instead of op-amps
  • on-board effect processor with 8 drum-oriented effects, including additional auxiliary input and firmware update over audio
  • drums that have character: fit all styles of music – specifically tuned for darkwave and techno
  • separate analog outputs and isolator-style final filter with resonance for main outputs
  • black knobs with glow in the dark lines for navigation in the darkness.

It was made with dark electronic music in mind – strong live performance features, vintage flavour, limited in some ways to maximize the usability, suitable for various  styles of music – from Electro to Hip Hop, Synthpop to Industrial and Complex Techno.

Remember to order soon, because they'll be sold out very quickly!

Theremin Workshop with Carolina Eyck at SchneidersLaden

Theremin Workshop at SchneidersLaden with Carolina Eyck – one of the most prominent theremin players worldwide! She developed a special playing technique that leads to extraordinary results. In 2006, Carolina published the first extensive theremin method book entitled “The Art of Playing the Theremin”, available in german and english. The 8-finger-technique described in this book can be learned or witnessed in lectures, workshops, concerts and performances by Carolina Eyck all over Europe. In September you have the chance to be part of a special Theremin Workshop at SchneidersLaden by Carolina Eyck: September 6th at 7:30pm.

Carolina will bring her very rare Pro version of the Moog Etherwave Theremin. This model has been discontinued several years ago. It is considered to be the most professional and serious Theremin model Moog ever made. Due to the better scaling of the pitch field it is more suitable for professional Theremin playing. The standard Moog Etherwave Theremins do not feature this better scaled pitch field. But there is a way to improve the playability of the standard Moog Theremin (Plus) by adding a modification that has been developed by Thierry Frenkel. This modification is available from a shop in The Hague. There will be a Moog Etherwave Plus with this modification to try out at the workshop!

If you have been to SUPERBOOTH18 you might have seen Carolina playing a concert on the Seaside-Stage! The video of this concert can soon be found on HerrSchneiders Vimeo channel. In the meantime there is this short conversation between HerrSchneider and Carolina Eyck before SUPERBOOTH18.

Atonal Festival

Modular Schaltzentrale – Atonal Festival with SchneidersLaden

For the forth time SchneidersLaden will host the Modular Schaltzentrale at Atonal. Every night the invited artists will perform in this unique former control room of the Kraftwerk. Therefor SchneidersLaden puts together  several modular synthesizer of different size and shape – the concept is to explore new modular narratives with these special machines. The program of Schaltzentrale will be running each night of the festival concurrently with the concerts on the main stage. Situated within the old control room of the Kraftwerk – the Schaltzentrale offers a unique platform for intimate and surprising musical experiments on the selected modular synthesizers by SchneidersLaden.

The room plays host each day to spontaneous collaborations and surprising twists, featuring, among others: Daniel Miller, Mark Verbos, Lady Starlight, Merlin Ettore, Robert Lippok, Octachoron, ZV_K, 2244 & COP, Mirages, Jessica Kert, Jako Jako, Benjamin Flesser & Adam Asnan, Palais d’Amour, Tom Körting and Feld. Accompanied by employees of the legendary synthesizer store from Kreuzberg, the artists are invited to leave the beaten path of usual performances and concerts.

SchneidersLaden thanks all artists who have taken up this special challenge!

More information and the daily program will be published on, the Atonal facebook page and on the official website.



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