Mini Synth

Cwejman BLD bass and drum module

Mini Synth Cwejman BLD bass and drum module

€ 680
  • The BLD has all components and functions necessary for generating bass, lead and drum sounds but with focus on bass drum sounds.
Cwejman VM-1 Voice-Module

Mini Synth Cwejman VM-1 Voice-Module

€ 693
  • The Voicemodul is for sure one of the best compact synthesizers in the upper upperclass as Cwejman just is making it: Knorky direct sounds and effects or just clear sounds and waves up to hardest noises or just thick basslines are possible and nearly selfunderstanding with just this module.

Mini Synth Doepfer A-111-5 Synthesizer Voice

€ 300
  • Module A-111-5 is a complete monophonic synthesizer (modular version of Dark Energy)
TouellSkouarn Skorn da Bask

Mini Synth TouellSkouarn Skorn da Bask

€ 365
  • The TouellSkouarn Skorn da Bask is a dronegenerator, filter and abstract rhythm generator.

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