Doepfer Miniature Synthesizer Voice!

The Doepfer A-111-6 Miniature Synthesizer Voice module is now available in silver and black!

The module contains a complete monophonic synthesizer with an oscillator, a -24dB low-pass filter, a VCA and a voltage controllable envelope generator. The synthesizer voice is internally pre-patched, so you only need to connect CV and Gate to play it. The VCO offers sawtooth, triangle and rectangle with pulse width modulation. In addition, the balance control allows you to add a sub-oscillator or external input. Despite its small size, this voice offers many options and a powerful sound!

Check out this video!

Supercritical Synthesizers @ SchneidersLaden

Please join our brand Supercritical Synthesizers tonight at SchneidersLaden:

SchneidersLaden welcomes Supercritical Synthesizers on November 7th. Surely the most far traveled guests of this workshop season.

The new modular maker from Finland has brought us the Demon Core oscillator – the mighty 16-VCOs-in-one-module. During the workshop we’ll hear about what the idea behind their first product was and what made them join the modular family.

– there will be some live music, nice people and some drinks.

The workshop starts at 7:30pm and is free of charge. See you there!


Digital Analog 2019


At this year's DigitalAnalog Festival in Munich, SND, Vermona, Doepfer, Verbos and Haken were present with different modular systems. The number of visitors exceeded all expectations!



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