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Doepfer USB64 NO PS

Universal MIDI Control Electronics with 64 inputs

  • 64 inputs, alternatively analog (0...+5V, e.g. generated by rotary or fader potentiometers, same as Pocket Electronic) or digital (e.g. generated by momentary or toggle switches/buttons, same as CTM64)
  • in analog mode Midi control change messages are generated, resolution 7 bit (Midi data range 0-127) - in digital mode note on/off or program change messages are generated
  • inputs via eight pin headers with 10 pins each (same pinout as Pocket Electronic), 10 pin ribbon cables with suitable female connectors are plugged to the pin headers, the ribbon cables are included with the USB64 (about 30 cm each), the other side of each cable is open to connect the desired controls
  • USB and Midi interface (Midi out & Midi in)
  • power supply alternatively via USB or external power supply during pure Midi operation without USB, (automatic selection)
  • basic parameters (e.g. analog/digital mode, Midi channel, Midi note/program change/control change range 0-63 or 64-127 etc.) selectable via jumper
  • update of the USB64 firmware via USB (e.g. in case of a firmware update, for this a PC with Windows XP and USB interface is required), as soon as an update is available it can be downloaded from our download page
  • control LED
  • measures of the pc board: about 160 length x 55 width x 30 height (measures in mm)
  • scope of supply: USB64 pc board (completely assembled and tested), eight 10 pin ribbon cables with female headers (about 30 cm each), USB cable (A-B type)
  • Remark: USB64 is not suitable for rotary encoders (sometimes even called endless potentiometers). For this appliction the Dial Electronic has to be used as these controls are no real potentiometers
  • Firmware update over USB
  • USB compatible with USB Device Class for Midi Device and tested operating systems USB64 is a so-called OEM or DIY product.

Electronic basic knowledge is required to install the board. If you are not sure if your knowledge is sufficient please consult an expert.

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