Haken Audio CVC Control Voltage Converter

Haken Audio CVC Control Voltage Converter

The Continuum Voltage Converter is a high-resolution MIDI-to-CV converter specially designed for the three-dimensional signals of the Continuum Controller.

Four channels each output a gate signal and three CV signals, which are derived from the finger position left/right and front/rear and the prssure depth. Due to the very high data readout rate of the Continuum Controller, audible noises may occur during normal MIDI-CV conversion, but the CVC has a data filter to avoid this. The CVC can be mounted in a 19" standard rack with optionally available rack tubes.

Dimensions: 38,1 cm x 15,2 cm x 4, 4 cm Connections: 4x Gate-output 12x CV-output MIDI-in/-thru Power-in

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