Doepfer MTC64 Relay Board

The MTC Relay Board is an expansion board for the universal MIDI control electronics MTC64.

It can be used to switch any signal (AC or DC) up to 100V/1A by means of Reed relays (for example audio signals, lamps, motors, magnets, power relays). The relays are controlled by MIDI note on/off or program change messages.

- 16 Reed relays, max. 100V, max. 1A, max. 15 W (each relay)

- response time of the relays less than 2 milliseconds

- relay connections via screw terminals

- up to four MTC relay boards can be connected to one MTC64 main board

- connection between MTC relay boards and MTC64 main board via one 10 pin ribbon cable leading from the main board to all relay boards, and a 16 pin ribbon cable between main board and relay board (one for each relay board). Please specify in your order how many relay boards have to be connected to the main board (because of the lenght and number of female connectors of the 10 pin ribbon cable)

- the ribbon cables are included with the relay board

- On the MTC64 main board the integrated circuits labelled CD4094 have to be replaced by 74HC4094 (valid only if an already existing older main board manufactured before 2005 is used, in case of new orders of main boards in combination with relay boards the main boards are already equipped with 74HC4094)

- Installation and wiring of the MTC relay board has to be carried out by qualified personnel only if voltages beyong 50V are used. Not qualified personell is not allowed to install and run the MTC relay board with voltages beyond 50V! DANGER TO LIFE ! The user has to read the installation manual carefully and follow all instructions in the manual meticulously ! The complete construction has to be mounted into an isolating case.

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